The Manitoba Advantage in Turkey Protein

Manitoba is well positioned to support a growing turkey sector. It has access to a steady supply of turkey poults, with one of the few turkey hatcheries in the country located within the province. In addition, the province typically offers lower live turkey prices in comparison to other provinces.

Manitoba’s Turkey Industry
There are 52 turkey farms in Manitoba, raising approximately 1.4 million turkeys annually.
  • Turkey farms in the province typically produce from three to five flocks per year, with many farms growing turkeys seasonally from spring through to fall.
  • The average turkey farm in Manitoba raises 5,500 turkeys per flock. 

Manitoba has one federally-inspected turkey processor, located in Blumenort, with processing capacity for whole turkey, ground turkey and ready-to-cook turkey products, among other processed turkey products. There is one hatchery located in Gunton, with supply coming from six turkey breeder flocks.

Manitoba turkey production generated $21 million in farm cash receipts in 2020, 0.89 per cent of the total livestock farm cash receipts. Provincial turkey allocations are controlled through a national supply-managed marketing system. 


 Producer Companies:

Industry Associations:

There is an increase in consumer demand for smaller, convenient turkey products, such as ground turkey, deli meats and convenience foods. 


Turkey farmers in Manitoba support research related to turkey farming, poultry research, food safety and quality, and production sustainability, through the Turkey Farmers of Canada’s Research Strategy. There is on-going research on genetics, bird welfare, bird health and industry best practices at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and at educational institutions.


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