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Featured Site: Manitou Cenotaph

Manitou’s Cenotaph joins the family of Manitoba’s Municipal Heritage Sites!

Manitou Cenotaph
Manitou Cenotaph
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The Manitou Cenotaph is one of more than 200 war memorials that grace Manitoba communities. These are proud and poignant reminders of the heroism and sacrifice that describes the character of so many Manitoba places. During the 100th anniversary of World War I, from 1914 to 1918, such sites will be special places for visits and reflection…[more]

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  • Municipal Heritage Sites are designated under The Heritage Resources Act.
  • Heritage sites designated by the City of Winnipeg are listed on the City of Winnipeg website.
  • Manitoba’s Municipal Heritage Sites and the City of Winnipeg’s heritage sites are also presented on a website developed by the Manitoba Historical Society. To view an interactive map of Manitoba's historic sites, museums and commemorative markers, visit the Manitoba Historical Society - Historic Sites of Manitoba website.

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Site Name Area Site #
A.E. Gardiner Building Carberry 145
Alexander Post Office Alexander 097
All Saints Anglican Church Dominion City 093
All Saints Anglican Church Erinview area 212
Amos Blacksmith Shop Waskada 175
Anderson Barn Forrest area 033
Andrew Kowalewich General Store Garland 156
Arborg Canadian Pacific Railway Station Arborg 082
Arborg Unitarian Church Arborg 169
Archibald United Church Manitou area 173
Armstrong Farm Site Rossburn area 270
Armstrong Homestead Boissevain area 130
Arnaud United Church and Cemetery Arnaud 281
Arnes Lutheran Church Arnes 353
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church Olha area 103
Austin Elevator Austin 378
B.J. Hales House Brandon 284
Bailey Building Carberry 322
Baldur United Church Baldur 138
Balfour House Warren area 209
Bank of Commerce Building The Pas 277
Bank of Montreal Carberry 290
Bank of Montreal Building Ethelbert 134
Bank of Toronto Vault Holmfield area 276
Bank Vault, Old Deloraine Deloraine area 100
Belfry School Melita area 219
Bell Tower, Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. Michael the Archangel Tyndall 101
Bergthaler Church Waisenamt Altona 086
Berry House Reston 174
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Manse Erickson 007
Betsey Ramsay's Grave Riverton area 028
Birtle Union Bank Building Birtle 055
Blacksmith Shop Cartwright 031
Boissevain Town Hall Boissevain 016
Boyne School Carman area 017
Braun Mennonite Log House Morden area 350
Breadalbane Presbyterian Church Lenore area 373
British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Hangar Brandon area 202
Bryce House Emerson 095
Burchill & Howey Block Brandon 041
Buztynski House Moosehorn 274
C.V.M. Café Carberry 293
Calvary Pentecostal Church Carberry 311
Canada Post Office Carberry 310
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Building Lynn Lake 081
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Building Elgin 167
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Building Rivers 351
Canadian National Railway Station Fisher Branch 235
Canadian National Railway Station Moosehorn 354
Canal School McCreary 181
Carberry Car Wash Carberry 303
Carberry News Express Building Carberry 295
Carberry Public Washroom Carberry 316
Carberry-North Cypress Library Carberry 315
Carman Canadian National Railway Station Carman 250
Carman Dominion Post Office Building Carman 039
Carman United Church Carman 011
Carpentier House Griswold area 037
Central Fire Station Brandon 196
Charlebois Chapel The Pas 265
Charlie Sear Building Carberry 327
Chastko House Rackham area 088
Christ Anglican Church Cartwright 243
Christ Church The Pas 382
Christie House Brandon 020
Concrete Box Bridge Woodmore area 192
Concrete Box Bridge Greenridge area 193
Cottingham House Boissevain area 187
Coultervale School Coulter area 200
Cranberry Portage Railway Station Cranberry Portage 371
Crane River Reserve Catholic Church Site Crane River 340
Creighton Terrace Emerson 094
Cromarty School Roblin area 183
Cromer United Church Cromer 089
Crystal City Courier Building Crystal City 062
Daly House Brandon 203
Darlingford Consolidated School Darlingford 008
Davidson Building Carberry 317
Davidson House Neepawa 198
Davidson-Wigg Cottage Gimli 369
Deloraine Presbyterian Church Deloraine 085
Demonstration Farm House Killarney 077
Dolmage House Souris 172
Dominion City Cemetery Dominion City 282
Dow House Boissevain 119
Dr. Hunter House Teulon 205
Drop-In Centre Carberry 307
Drysdale House Neepawa 221
Dufferin Agricultural Society Grandstand Carman 078
Elkhorn United Church Elkhorn 109
Elma Pool Hall and Residence Elma 272
Elton Heritage House Forrest area 248
Ens Homestead Reinland Village 333
Erickson Cabin La du Bonnet area 267
Eriksdale Creamery Eriksdale 122
Erinside School and Teacherage Erinview area 211
Eunola School Pierson area 074
Fannystelle School Fannystelle 003
First Baptist Church Brandon 375
Fjelsted House Arborg 180
Flin Flon Museum Flin Flon 383
Flower Shop Carberry 304
Forbes Building Carberry 297
Forder Barn Pipestone 381
Former Miami Northern Pacific and Manitoba Railway Station Miami 332
Former Rex Café Site Carberry 302
Former Victoria Hall Site Carberry 292
Fowler Block Baldur 123
Fowler House Baldur 206
Frame House Virden 063
Franklin Memorial Hall Franklin 372
Fraser Block Brandon 010
Fredensthal Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery Fredensthal area 238
Friesen House Steinbach 261
Friesen Interpretive Centre Neubergthal 226
Frikrikju Lutheran Church Cypress River area 158
F. Sowden House Souris 054
Gardenton Truss Bridge Gardenton area 223
Garland United Church Garland 186
Gilbert Plains Beef Ring Building Gilbert Plains area 280
Gimli Dance Pavilion Gimli 151
Gimli Public School Gimli 068
Gimli Unitarian Church Gimli 133
Glen Elmo School Birdtail area 141
Glenboro Canadian Pacific Railway Water Tower Glenboro 112
Goodman-Wolstencroft Cottage Gimli 367
Goulet House St. Pierre-Jolys 012
Graham Barn Minto area 217
Grahame House Teulon 287
Green Ridge Cemetery Green Ridge 232
Grey Nuns' Convent St. Francois Xavier 107
Gwenmawr, McGregor House Kemnay area 075
Hamm House Neubergthal 263
Harley House Swan River 334
Hay House Killarney 090
Herdsman's House Neubergthal 227
Herdukried Lutheran Church Langruth 111
Heritage North Museum Thompson 366
Hilbre School Hilbre area 154
Hill's Drug Store Portage la Prairie 352
Hilton United Church Belmont area 139
Historic Downtown Carberry Carberry 288
Historic église de l’Enfant-Jésus Richer 336
HMS Insurance Building Carberry 291
Holland Emmanuel Historic Site Holland 344
Holmfield Centennial Hall Holmfield 365
Holmfield Swimming Hole Holmfield 364
Holy Cross Greek Catholic Church Inwood area 178
Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church Sifton 266
Hooper House Sperling Area 330
Horod School Elphinstone area 034
Icelandic Pioneer Cemetery Gimli 329
Jackson House Brandon 376
Johann Magnus Bjarnason Monument Arborg area 021
Johnson House Brandon 224
Johnston Estate Brandon 253
Jonasson House Gimli 148
Kaye House Melita 170
Klippenstein House Altona 087
Knox Bellafield Presbyterian Church Ninette area 067
Kola Anglican Church of the Advent Kola area 099
Kowalchuk Building Carberry 296
Lakedale Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church Angusville area 339
Lambert House St. Malo area 218
Langtry Fox Farm Tower Stonewall area 222
LaPlont Block Brandon 127
Law Office Building Swan River 050
Lea House Snowflake area 161
Leander Lawlor House Kenton 384
Lecoy House Lac du Bonnet area 066
Ledwyn Pioneer Park Riverton area 252
Leitch House Oak Lake 002
Lily Bay United Church Lundar area 117
Log Cabin Manitou 237
Lorne Terrace Brandon 197
Macdonald Pioneer Cemetery Macdonald 057
MacGregor Canadian Pacific Railway Water Tower MacGregor 377
MacKenzie Presbyterian Church East Selkirk area 230
Mahon House Cypress River Area 241
Makaroff Hall Makaroff 184
Maley House, Casa Maley Brandon 080
Manitoba Telephone System Building Cartwright 125
Manitoba Telephone System Building Carberry 314
Manitou Cenotaph Manitou 359
Manitou Town Hall Manitou 147
Maple Leaf School Morden 018
Marconi School Oakburn area 043
Marringhurst Heritage House Glenora area 110
Maryville Cottage Gimli 370
Masonic Hall Moosehorn 355
Masonic Lodge Emerson 144
McConnell House Morden 022
McCowan House Portage La Prairie 285
McCullough Building Carberry 301
McDonald Drug Store and Bakery Virden 331
McElroy House Morden 124
McKay House Minnedosa 132
McKenzie House Rapid City area 048
McKenzie House Brandon 092
McKinney House Boissevain area 135
McPhail Block Carberry 308
Medd House Winnipegosis 391
Melita United Church Manse Melita 146
Memorial Hall Carman 116
Menarey House Cartwright area 188
Midwinter School East Braintree 051
Millford Cemetery Treesbank area 208
Minnedosa Canadian Pacific Railway Station Minnedosa 215
Minnedosa Dominion Post Office Building Minnedosa 004
Minnedosa Power Company Building Minnedosa 105
Modern Bakery Carberry 298
Moffat Barn Woodside area 166
Moon Apartments Carberry 294
Monseigneur Tache Historic Site Ste-Geneviève 027
Morden Canadian Pacific Railway Station Morden 346
Morden Dominion Post Office Building Morden 013
Mount Prospect School Cartwright 084
Municipal Building Angusville 207
Municipal Office Carberry 289
Murphy Block Carberry 325
Mutter House Reston 153
Myers House Minnedosa 001
Napinka School Napinka 104
Nelson Butt Building Carberry 324
Nelson Hotel Carberry 328
Ninga Presbyterian Church Ninga 262
Nordin Farmstead Teulon area 171
North American Lumber Company Building Binscarth 071
Northfield School Wawanesa area 126
Oak Point Quarry – Notre Dame Heritage Park Oak Point Area 338
Old Bank of Montreal Carberry 323
Old English Church Hartney 345
Old Medical Block Carberry 305
Old Town Hall Carberry 306
Ontario Gothic House Rapid City area 386
Opawaka School Site Darlingford area 165
Orange Clark House Stonewall 115
Our Lady of Assumption Parish Mariapolis 379
Our Lady of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church Oakburn area 058
Overstoneville Independent Cemetery Tolstoi area 199
Paul Hiebert House Carman 073
Pharmacy Building Carberry 299
Piney Road Bridge Ste. Anne 005
Polish National Apostolic Church Chatfield 179
Pomeroy School Morden Area 347
Poplar Point Memorial Rink Poplar Point 225
Portage la Prairie Canadian Pacific Railway Station Portage La Prairie 257
Portage la Prairie Dominion Post Office Building Portage la Prairie 038
Presbyterian Church Manse Emerson 096
Qually Brothers Store Dacotah 213
Rapid City Museum and Cultural Centre Rapid City 385
Ray's Diner Carberry 319
Reeves Barn Alexander area 049
Reimer Mennonite Log House Morden 348
Reston Canadian Pacific Railway Engine House Reston 142
Rhodes Community Hall Ethelbert area 182
Ridgeway House and Gunton Waiting Station Grosse Isle 283
Riverland School Lac du Bonnet area 337
Riverside Park Minto area 069
Riverside School Minto area 168
Robertson House Marquette area 210
Rockwood Registry Office Stonewall 374
Rodmond Roblin House Carman area 247
Roland United Church Roland 149
Roseisle School Roseisle 032
Roseisle United Church Neepawa 349
Roxy Theatre Neepawa 279
Royal Bank Building Roland 024
Royal Canadian Legion Carberry 326
Ruskin School Ethelbert area 185
Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church of the Ascension Menzie area 035
Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Toutes Aides 160
Sacré-Coeur Roman Catholic Church Fannystelle 070
Satterthwaite House McCreary area 106
Scarth Block Virden 380
Schwartz House Altona 015
Scott House Eden area 251
Senkiw School Suspension Bridge Senkiw area 190
Sexsmith House Carman 164
Shaver House Killarney area 083
Shellmouth United Church Shellmouth 204
Shillinglaw House Brandon 249
Sidney United Church and Manse Sidney 229
Sid's Garage Carberry 312
Smellie Bros. Co. Store Russell 137
Smith/Arthur Farm Elevator Gladstone area 259
Souris Dominion Post Office Building Souris 065
Sourisford Park Coulter 040
South Bay School Winnipegosis area 129
Speer House Oakbank area 163
Sprague House Minnedosa 177
Spud City Food Mart Carberry 309
Spurgrave School Garrick 234
St. Alban's Anglican Church Oak Lake 189
St. Andrews United Church Garson 053
St. Andrews United Church Manitou 358
St. Claude Gaol Museum St. Claude 264
St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church Vidir area 268
St. George's Anglican Church Glenora 006
St. George's Anglican Church Holmfield 231
St. Helen's Anglican Church Fairford 255
St. Joachim Roman Catholic Church La Broquerie 194
St. John the Baptist Anglican Church Manitou 360
St. John's Ukrainian United Church Rossburn area 059
St. Laurent Town Hall St. Laurent 228
St. Louis Cabin Petersfield 246
St. Luke's Anglican Church Souris 076
St. Luke's Anglican Church – Pembina Crossing Kaleida area 362
St. Margaret's Anglican Church Mafeking 258
St. Mary's and St. Albans Anglican Church Kaleida 361
St. Mary's Anglican Church Ridgeville 240
St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church Gimli area 233
St. Michael's of Archangels Roman Catholic Church Meleb 029
St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church Olha 044
St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church Winnipeg Beach area 244
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church Poplarfield 143
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church Rackham area 162
St. Paul's Anglican Church St. Francois Xavier area 113
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church Moosehorn area 176
Star Mound School Snowflake area 118
Ste. Anne Roman Catholic Church Ste. Anne 278
Ste. Anne's Anglican Church Poplar Point 136
Ste. Thérèse Roman Catholic Church Cardinal 036
Steep Rock Cliffs Steep Rock 356
Little Steep Rock Cliffs Hilbre area 357
Stodders House Morden 046
Stone Fence Brandon 242
Stonewall Town Hall Stonewall 091
Stony Hill-Otto Lutheran Church Lundar area 072
Strathclair Agricultural Society Bandstand Strathclair 335
Strathclair Museum Strathclair 245
Sts. Cyril and Methodius Roman Catholic Church Gimli area 195
Sts. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church Elphinstone area 056
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church Rossburn area 061
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church Seech Area 239
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church Sundown 341
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church Tyndall 343
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian United Church Inglis area 120
Stuart House Selkirk 157
Summerscales House Little Britain area 214
Switzer's Red and White Store Carberry 321
T.A. Burrows Mill Site Grandview 286
Tamarisk School Grandview area 128
Tanner's Crossing Minnedosa 102
Taylor House Portage La Prairie 260
Tenby School Tenby 131
The Style Shop Carberry 320
Thomas Greenway Cemetery Crystal City 023
Thomas Poole Building Baldur 159
Thompson Family Rest Site Shoal Lake 019
Thorson Cottage Gimli 368
Timber Truss Bridge Dominion City 191
Torsky Cabin Birdtail area 269
Toutes Aides Roman Catholic Church Toutes Aides 047
Trader's Bank Building Selkirk 030
Treherne United Church Treherne 009
Tummel United Church Tummel area 098
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Malonton area 236
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception Winnipegosis 014
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Sts. Peter and Paul Dauphin area 275
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of the Ascension Angusville 273
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption of St. Mary Rossburn area 060
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Transfiguration Menzie area 052
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity Poplarfield 026
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox of St. John the Baptist Garland 155
Ukrainian People’s Home of Ivan Franko Angusville 079
Ukrainian Pioneer Mass Grave Site Oakburn area 045
Union Bank Building Deloraine 114
Union Bank Building Hamiota 121
Union Point United Church Union Point 342
Verona School Coulter area 201
Warkentin Blacksmith Shop St. Francois Xavier area 108
Waters Block Carberry 313
Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Building Wawanesa 064
Welch Block Boissevain 042
Westoba Credit Union Building Carberry 318
West St. Paul Municipal Hall Middlechurch 025
White House Carberry 271
Willow Plain School Sarto 254
Winkler House Gretna 140
Wright Building Carberry 300
Wright House Souris 150
Yates House Brandon 216
Yerex House Neepawa area 256
Young House Cypress River area 152
Zink's Grocery Store Brandon 220
Zion Calvin United Church Darlingford 363
Site Name Area Site #